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Accounting and Government

IRS www.irs.ustreas.gov/  DEPT REV www.revenue.state.il.us/  
CHICAGO DEPT REV www.ci.chi.il.us/ AICPA www.aicpa.org/ ILCPA www.icpas.org/ 
HUD Research www.hudclips.org/cgi/index.cgi Real Estate http://www.reals.com

The City of Chicago: www.ci.chi.il.us/
Newspapers: www.suntimes.com www.chicagotribune.com
Recommended Client Sites:

WEB DESIGN and SOFTWARE: www.godesigninc.com   http://www.verysimple.com/
 REAL ESTATE: www.ariescapital.com  http://www.keyfinancialsources.com/
PHOTOGRAPHY: http://www.erikadufour.com/
MUSIC: http://www.petlovermusic.com/
WRITING: http://www.rateganwriter.com/index2.htm  

RETAIL: http://www.kasbahcattery.com/ http://www.futurgarb.com/
NONPROFITS: http://www.shepherdshopechicago.org/ http://www.seedfoundation.org/

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www.cpaschicago.com  www.payrollchicago.com  www.chicagoartist.net


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